Postal History

Iranian Postal History and Stamp Tradition

Issuance of first batch of Iranian stamps

Before the introduction of modern stamps, the Persian Empire relied on couriers to transmit information and documents. Couriers traced a traditional route when delivering correspondences, and started from Babylon, and passing through Hamadan and Tsagros. While this route was in place during ancient times, couriers tried to explore different routes to complete their tasks. Persian leaders including Cyrus valued the importance of a network that can help facilitate communications.

Lithuanian Stamps History

Vytis on Lithuanian stamps and coins

To celebrate its inclusion in the European Union and the official use of the euro as its currency, the Lithuanian government issued €0.75 stamp on January 1 ,2015. This commemorative stamp features the three colors of the government - red, green and yellow and includes both sides of the coin. Also, the euro marker is depicted in the stamp. The national coat of arms, the Vytis, the white knight that rides the horse is prominently included in the stamp as well.  This is not the first time that the image of Vytis was included in stamps or coins of Lithuania.

Allegory to French Republic- Mouchon’s Take Using Postage Stamps

Louis-Eugene Mouchon's French Stamp Design

When it comes to stamp design and engraving, the name Louis-Eugene Mouchon is always included in the list, thanks to his top designs that impressed not just his native France but also other collectors from Iran, Ethiopia and various European countries. The portfolio is extensive, but there’s one that’s tagged under his name, the stamp shown above. While this was considered by many as a great achievement, it was in fact received with some criticisms.

The ‘Abe Lincoln’ Everyone Knew as Immortalized in Postage Stamps

Abraham Lincoln on Stamps

If there’s a listing of the most popular and greatest presidents the United States have ever produced, then surely the name Abraham Lincoln will show the way. It was both the best (and the worst) of times during Lincoln’s rule, but this served as a watershed moment for one of the greatest leaders to shine through actions against slavery and national turmoil. His face, his policy directions and of course the Gettysburg Address are considered the Lincoln trademarks. And today, his legacy lives on thanks to the production of postage stamps in honor of the man.

China and Mongol Empire - A Look at the Early Postal Stations

The many dynasties of China and the Mongol Empire are two of the earliest and influential empires in Asia and the rest of the world, and they made their mark on different fronts. In terms of military might, China and the Mongols are known for their military prowess. In fact the Mongol Empire produced some of the best military tacticians including Genghis Khan. 

Wilding Series- Royal Watermarks for Philately

The Wilding Series of stamps is actually a series of stamps that show the photographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that were printed and in wide circulation from 1952 to 1971. These stamps were rated for their intricate designs, including the use of graphite lines. Also, these stamps featured the phosphor bands that promoted automation. The Wilding Series is cited for its value and through the inclusion of regional emblems.

Saved Hindenburg Mails and Stamps - Philatelic Gems for Stamp Collectors

On May 6, 1937, the German Hindenburg burst into flames while attempting to navigate the runway at Lakehurst, New Jersey. In a matter of seconds, the once-mighty German zeppelin that completed sixty-three flights, including round trip to the United States (1936) met its fiery end. Even though the airship became fiery wreckage, the lives of nearly 2/3 of the crew members were saved.

Holy Stamps - Stamp Collection of Vatican City

‘A nation within a city’- this is just one of the many descriptions that one can read about Vatican City. The Vatican is found within the city of Rome, and considered as the smallest nation in the world. This state which is the seat of Catholicism is even smaller than the National Mall located in Washington DC. The Vatican officially gained its independent status from Italy on February 11, 1929 through the Lateran Pacts, and it was at that time when a set of commemorative stamps were issued to mark the event.

Pigeon Post - Send Messages, No Stamps Required

Smart phones, e-mails and social networks or even mails with stamps may be the choices when it comes to sharing information and communications, but there was a time when pigeons were the traditional messengers of information. About 2000 years ago, pigeons were used to send information and the practice has persisted through the years, even in the face of emerging technologies in communications. In fact, during World War I, these birds were used as carriers of messages and have helped change the tides of war.

Persian roots and Military Use

Penny Blue - From the Collection of Proof Impressions of Rowland Hill

The Penny Blue, a one-penny postage stamp released in 1840 has been frequently mistaken as one of the many postage stamps issued by Britain. The wrong impressions often stem from the fact that the stamp carries an image of a regal lady with a crown. The stamp is actually a part of a collection of proof impressions designed and released when Roland Hill was looking for new inspirations for colors that can be used on stamps, as the replacement for the Twopence Blue and the Penny Black.