French Postal History

Allegory to French Republic- Mouchon’s Take Using Postage Stamps

Louis-Eugene Mouchon's French Stamp Design

When it comes to stamp design and engraving, the name Louis-Eugene Mouchon is always included in the list, thanks to his top designs that impressed not just his native France but also other collectors from Iran, Ethiopia and various European countries. The portfolio is extensive, but there’s one that’s tagged under his name, the stamp shown above. While this was considered by many as a great achievement, it was in fact received with some criticisms.

French Colonialism in Stamps

The French were once one of the leading powers and explorers. Starting in the 18th until the 19th century, they expanded their ‘spheres of influences’ outside of the continent. But starting the 1960s, the territories began to reclaim their independence. The French influence may have waned in terms of administration, but its contribution to world arts and affairs persisted in many spheres, stamps and philately as well. The market is loaded with French stamps including mint inexpensive stamps that are accessible for all types of collectors and enthusiasts.

Siege of Paris Mail

In response to recurring provocations on the part of Prussia, on July 19, 1870 France declared war. Joined by the southern German states, the North German Confederation marched accord the border into Alsace, heading steadily on their march on Paris. When Napoleon III along with his 100,000 French troops were captured at Sedan, a bloodless revolution had taken place in Paris, resulting in the deposition of Napoleon III, and the establishment of a provisional government of national defense.