Royalty Stamps

Wilding Series- Royal Watermarks for Philately

The Wilding Series of stamps is actually a series of stamps that show the photographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II that were printed and in wide circulation from 1952 to 1971. These stamps were rated for their intricate designs, including the use of graphite lines. Also, these stamps featured the phosphor bands that promoted automation. The Wilding Series is cited for its value and through the inclusion of regional emblems.

Haile Selassie - Inspiration for Ethiopia’s Royalty Stamps

The rise to power and prominence of Prince Tafari Makonnen was one for the books, and his story started on July 17, 1891. He was born in Harar and was sent at an early age to receive private education. In July 1912, the prince married Princess Menen and after four years, his first son was born.