Pigeon Post

Pigeon Post - Send Messages, No Stamps Required

Smart phones, e-mails and social networks or even mails with stamps may be the choices when it comes to sharing information and communications, but there was a time when pigeons were the traditional messengers of information. About 2000 years ago, pigeons were used to send information and the practice has persisted through the years, even in the face of emerging technologies in communications. In fact, during World War I, these birds were used as carriers of messages and have helped change the tides of war.

Persian roots and Military Use

Siege of Paris Mail

In response to recurring provocations on the part of Prussia, on July 19, 1870 France declared war. Joined by the southern German states, the North German Confederation marched accord the border into Alsace, heading steadily on their march on Paris. When Napoleon III along with his 100,000 French troops were captured at Sedan, a bloodless revolution had taken place in Paris, resulting in the deposition of Napoleon III, and the establishment of a provisional government of national defense.