Lithuanian Stamps History


Mar 19, 2015 Europe/London
Vytis on Lithuanian stamps and coins

To celebrate its inclusion in the European Union and the official use of the euro as its currency, the Lithuanian government issued €0.75 stamp on January 1 ,2015. This commemorative stamp features the three colors of the government - red, green and yellow and includes both sides of the coin. Also, the euro marker is depicted in the stamp. The national coat of arms, the Vytis, the white knight that rides the horse is prominently included in the stamp as well.  This is not the first time that the image of Vytis was included in stamps or coins of Lithuania. The image was first used in the 14th century to decorate some of the early coins. The design of the stamps can be attributed to Antanas Zukauskas, and it prominently included the 12 stars that signify solidarity and unity of all members of the European Union.

Early Coins and Philately History on Lithuanian Stamps

The latest issuances of stamps from Lithuania also shows some of the older coin used in the region. One such coin was the subject of the €0.01 stamp that was also issued to the general public on January 2. This coin was first issued by Jogaila from 1388 to 1390, King of Poland and was also the grand duke of Lithuania. While the design and construction of the coin was considered primitive, this was not questioned since coins then were designed and manufactured for functionality.

It was only during the end of the 16th century when minting and artistic quality of artisans improved, thus improving the aesthetic value of coins in Lithuania. The €0.01 value for stamps is actually the lowest denomination in the series of Vytis stamps, officially known as the symbol of the state. There are other Vytis stamps that were made available to the public, and these were included in the stamps designs for different denominations. For example, the coins released in 1440-92 are now showcased on €0.03 stamp, 1562 coin on €0.10, and 1660 coin on €0.29 among others. In these primitive coins, Vytis is shown carrying a sword or a spear. The latest Lithuanian stamps are now available, particularly the new Vytis postage stamps designed by Ima Balakauskaite, available in 1 million units each. Euro stamps are also available, and were credited to Tomas Dragunas, with 500,000 in circulation.