U.S. Postal History

Mail Sorting and Delivery by Train

Mail sorting and delivery by train

The use of trains didn’t just change the way people move from one location to the next- the adoption of trains also changed the way mails are delivered. Thanks to railway trains, the increasing volume of mails that needed to be sorted and delivered on time was managed, giving way to another golden age for stamp collecting and philately. The popularity of using trains as platforms for sorting and mail delivery significantly gained traction right after the Civil War.

Artistry and Rarity - Collecting the Two Dollar Columbian Stamps

$2 Dollar Columbian Stamps

When it comes to scarcity and artistry, the two dollar Columbian stamps are considered a prized catch in the postage stamp market. The engraving on the postage stamp shows Columbus in chains, reminiscent of a probable image taken in the 15th century. For students of history, Columbus is a notable figure, having explored the ‘new world’ now known as America.

The ‘Abe Lincoln’ Everyone Knew as Immortalized in Postage Stamps

Abraham Lincoln on Stamps

If there’s a listing of the most popular and greatest presidents the United States have ever produced, then surely the name Abraham Lincoln will show the way. It was both the best (and the worst) of times during Lincoln’s rule, but this served as a watershed moment for one of the greatest leaders to shine through actions against slavery and national turmoil. His face, his policy directions and of course the Gettysburg Address are considered the Lincoln trademarks. And today, his legacy lives on thanks to the production of postage stamps in honor of the man.