Red Cross and Red Crescent

The Red Cross and Red Crescent, both symbols used in voluntary health work and humanitarian initiatives, are also highly sought-after subjects for stamps. Stamp collectors and enthusiasts are now starting to appreciate the value and the history that comes with these symbols. It was during the First World War that these symbols were used on mails, primarily for fundraising activities. And since these were for humanitarian purposes, the stamps were accepted and gained traction among the general public.

Holy Stamps - Stamp Collection of Vatican City

‘A nation within a city’- this is just one of the many descriptions that one can read about Vatican City. The Vatican is found within the city of Rome, and considered as the smallest nation in the world. This state which is the seat of Catholicism is even smaller than the National Mall located in Washington DC. The Vatican officially gained its independent status from Italy on February 11, 1929 through the Lateran Pacts, and it was at that time when a set of commemorative stamps were issued to mark the event.

Pele on Stamps and the ‘Beautiful Game’

If there’s one name in football that has remained in the minds and hearts of football players and enthusiasts, it’s Pele. So what makes Pele the most popular man in this sport? To know about the player, one has to pay attention to his many sporting records and achievements. Up until this time, Pele is the all-time leading scorer of the Brazilian soccer team, and the only player to be part of the Brazilian team that managed to win three World Cups.

Thematic Stamp Collecting - How to get started

Stamp Collections are commonly grouped based on their country of origin, and arranged based on date of issue. But there’s another creative way of collecting and saving the items that you have collected. One thing that you can do is to group these items according to a theme - this is known as a Thematic Collection. The idea behind ‘thematic philately’ is to group the stamps by theme so that the whole catalogue can tell a story.