Chinese Postal History

China and Mongol Empire - A Look at the Early Postal Stations

The many dynasties of China and the Mongol Empire are two of the earliest and influential empires in Asia and the rest of the world, and they made their mark on different fronts. In terms of military might, China and the Mongols are known for their military prowess. In fact the Mongol Empire produced some of the best military tacticians including Genghis Khan. 

Chinese Stamps Now Valuable Collectibles in the Market

WHOLE COUNTRY IS RED, Chinese Stamp, sold for $815,000

There was a time when stamps printed and distributed in China were not highly regarded in the market. But in the last few decades, these stamps are starting to get attention thanks to increase in popularity. There are a number of reasons which can explain why these stamps are now must-haves among collectors. One reason can be found in the stamp values - the last few decades saw an increase in the overall value of the stamps in the area. The established collectors of the Hong Kong and China are believed to be responsible for the stamps’ renaissance.

A China Found Stamp: Bogus but still Highly Priced!

Certain issues in China have brought forth a highly prized stamp. Though this was found to be bogus 130 years ago, it was still considered a piece worthy of a space in a 19th-century collector’s album.
Many collectors during the early 19th century found Album Weeds as a convenient reference in the study of philatelic forgeries. This book published in the year 1882 was authored by Reverend Robert Brisco Earée and was considered as an authority in the study of forged stamps.