Saved Searches

What is Saved Search?


save your fav stampsSaved Search gives you the option to save a search word or term in your account. Since most collectors have a specific field of interest and tend to search for those same terms every time, we have created for the benefit of our members the option to create their own bank of search terms.

Your Saved Search will save you the trouble of searching the site again and again for the same type of items. Additionally, you will be notified of any new items added to the site matching your search terms.

You can see all your Saved Searches in the drop down menu of the Saved Search bar (on the upper right-hand side) or via your account.


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How to add a Saved Search?


Adding a Saved Search could not be easier – just type your search term in the top search bar, refine it as you like, and when you are happy with the search results just click the Save This Search button on the upper right hand side.



How will I be notified about new items?


Once a new auction is published on our site, our search engine scans all the items. You will then receive an email notification with links to all the new items that have been found to match your search terms.

Add information about notification intervals (you can be notified daily or weekly)



How do I change my notification intervals?


In order to change the interval of email notifications for your Saved Searches go to Saved Search in your account. You will then see a list of all your Saved Searches, which you can edit or delete. Click edit, change the name and save.



Deleting a Saved Search


In order to delete a Saved Search just go to your Saved Searches. You will then see a list of all your Saved Searches, which you can edit or delete. Click delete and you will no longer be notified of new items



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