Extend Appropriate Stamp Care Every Time

Tips on Caring for your Stamp Collection

For enthusiasts and experts in stamp collection and investments, the art of collecting and sharing one’s prized collection will not just bring knowledge, excitement and even cash. There are some instances when problems and issues will also arise, including one’ failure to extend appropriate stamp care and attention.  There will always be stories about damages and tear on the material, using inappropriate glue and attaching the stamps on poor quality materials, and even allowing the stamps to linger in poorly cleaned and maintained areas.

Iranian Postal History and Stamp Tradition

Issuance of first batch of Iranian stamps

Before the introduction of modern stamps, the Persian Empire relied on couriers to transmit information and documents. Couriers traced a traditional route when delivering correspondences, and started from Babylon, and passing through Hamadan and Tsagros. While this route was in place during ancient times, couriers tried to explore different routes to complete their tasks. Persian leaders including Cyrus valued the importance of a network that can help facilitate communications.

1856 British Guiana Takes Centerstage at Washington DC Display

1856 British Guiana on display at Smithsonian Museum

Every collector and enthusiast has a ‘dream collectible item’ that can redefine a collection, or change how the art of collecting will be seen. And in the world of philately, one of the more rare and treasured item for collection is the British Guiana (1856), generally considered as one of the most important and expensive piece of stamp in the world right now.

Stamp Appraisal Guide

How to Appraise your Stamps

Aside from denominations and design, the condition and stamp grade of the postage stamps are critical factors to consider in appraising the value of a stamp. The grade and condition can affect the overall valuation of the stamps, and help you build a world-class collection. In philately, the postage grade refers to the presence and quality of centering, the presence of cancellations, and the condition on the other hand focuses on the ‘actual damages’ including color fading, stains and alterations.


Know Your Miniature Sheets

Miniature Sheets

There are various ways in which Postage Stamps are packaged, and one arrangement is through the use of a miniature sheet. A Miniature Sheet or the Souvenir Sheet is composed of a number of stamps still attached on the original sheet of paper on which they are printed. Postage stamps may be considered as regular issues, or can be considered special issues when printed to commemorate an important event or celebration. The number of stamps in every sheet may vary - a miniature sheet may contain just one postage stamp, or it can contain around 25 postage stamps.

Artistry and Rarity - Collecting the Two Dollar Columbian Stamps

$2 Dollar Columbian Stamps

When it comes to scarcity and artistry, the two dollar Columbian stamps are considered a prized catch in the postage stamp market. The engraving on the postage stamp shows Columbus in chains, reminiscent of a probable image taken in the 15th century. For students of history, Columbus is a notable figure, having explored the ‘new world’ now known as America.

Lithuanian Stamps History

Vytis on Lithuanian stamps and coins

To celebrate its inclusion in the European Union and the official use of the euro as its currency, the Lithuanian government issued €0.75 stamp on January 1 ,2015. This commemorative stamp features the three colors of the government - red, green and yellow and includes both sides of the coin. Also, the euro marker is depicted in the stamp. The national coat of arms, the Vytis, the white knight that rides the horse is prominently included in the stamp as well.  This is not the first time that the image of Vytis was included in stamps or coins of Lithuania.

Why your kids should start collecting stamps

Get your kids into Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting is not just another trendy hobby. The great thing about stamp collecting is that it rewards you with persistence and patience. It teaches you to embrace everything that is related to history and the modern images that we have today.

This is one reason why many teachers and parents think that this is a great hobby that kids should be encouraged to try.


The ‘Abe Lincoln’ Everyone Knew as Immortalized in Postage Stamps

Abraham Lincoln on Stamps

If there’s a listing of the most popular and greatest presidents the United States have ever produced, then surely the name Abraham Lincoln will show the way. It was both the best (and the worst) of times during Lincoln’s rule, but this served as a watershed moment for one of the greatest leaders to shine through actions against slavery and national turmoil. His face, his policy directions and of course the Gettysburg Address are considered the Lincoln trademarks. And today, his legacy lives on thanks to the production of postage stamps in honor of the man.

Nicaragua – Stamps and Land Disputes

Latin America has been troubled with conflicts and wars through centuries, but there’s one conflict that happened in 1937 that left a scar on the region. And the reasons for this conflict are the usual suspects - land, pride and postage stamps.