Miniature Sheet

Know Your Miniature Sheets

Miniature Sheets

There are various ways in which Postage Stamps are packaged, and one arrangement is through the use of a miniature sheet. A Miniature Sheet or the Souvenir Sheet is composed of a number of stamps still attached on the original sheet of paper on which they are printed. Postage stamps may be considered as regular issues, or can be considered special issues when printed to commemorate an important event or celebration. The number of stamps in every sheet may vary - a miniature sheet may contain just one postage stamp, or it can contain around 25 postage stamps.

What You Should Know About the Miniature Sheet

If you are new in philately and you want to get involved in stamp collecting, then you should know some of the popular terms used and tossed around by hobbyists. A little education and familiarization of the terms will not just help you build your stamp collection, but it will also help you learn the story behind every stamp released. One important term that every serious collector should know is the ‘miniature sheet’.