Beginner’s Guide to Stamp Collections and Philately

Stamp collecting among enthusiasts traces a long history dating back to the early 19th century.  The art of collecting and studying these postage stamps is called Philately, taken from the Greek word ‘atelia’ which means ‘exempt from tax’.

Philatelic Fakes Stamps and Forgeries

The making of Fakes and Forgeries is an activity that has been in existence since the early years of philately. It is done in order to defraud or deceive others in assuming that those forgeries and fakes are the authentic items. In the study of stamps known as Philately, this activity is very common thus learning to identify the authenticity of stamps from the fake is considered an interesting and important challenge.

Definition of Terms:

To best understand this article, definition of terms related to the study are:

Tips for Philatelic Professionals! Winning friends at philatelic shows

Philatelic Dealer Investment

"Money makes the world go round"; how true this statement is for a dealer who has to make a tough decision between his desire to attend a philatelic event and the huge amount of money involved. To balance desire with reality, as a dealer, you should invest not only money, which you do, and a lot, but also some efforts to attract people attending the event, thus make this whole affair cost effective.