Tips for Philatelic Professionals! Winning friends at philatelic shows


Sep 23, 2013 Europe/London

Philatelic Dealer Investment

"Money makes the world go round"; how true this statement is for a dealer who has to make a tough decision between his desire to attend a philatelic event and the huge amount of money involved. To balance desire with reality, as a dealer, you should invest not only money, which you do, and a lot, but also some efforts to attract people attending the event, thus make this whole affair cost effective.

How to approach a new collector

In order to draw people over to your booth, make them stop and spend time with you, be polite and patient, as this will create a sense of buyer-seller trust. Don't forget that any of them may be your potential customers. If you are approached by a new collector, take your time, this may later prove to be profitable to you. Be considerate to your customers, you may not like their appearance, but if you are pleasant to them they may surprise you, and eventually you will be rewarded.

Enjoy your philatelic collecting hobby

As a dealer, you may spend many days away from home, traveling and chasing shows, but don't forget that you are actually doing what you really like, and may be even envied by your friends who spend hours in their office, not always enjoying what they do, so be grateful, and don't forget that if you do it right you will not only enjoy your hobby but also a nice income. Once you grasp this, you will be happy. So be the kind of person people will want to be around, be kind both to your customers as well as your competitors.

The buyer and his financial resources

Another thing you should bear in mind is that not all people have the same financial resources. One man's hobby is another man's livelihood. If you see a customer aching to buy something that he cannot afford, be creative and suggest solutions for him, so that both of you will be satisfied.

Respect your competitors and the philatelic dealers

Even if you believe that your material is superior, do not disparage your competitors, let your assets talk for you, and be kind to your colleagues, as they are also trying to make a living. It is also advisable never to approach a potential buyer who is engaged with another dealer. This is not only regarded as impolite, but also unprofessional. So be patient, you will get your chance.

Reliability and credibility in the stamp auction field

One of the most important things in business is reliability, so never go back on your word. Don't change your mind, even if you regret the transaction. This may adversely affect you credibility. It is not always easy to be patient, collegial, modest, polite and friendly, but at the end of the day it will pay off.

Online stamp auctions

You should also advise your customers that there are other means of acquiring stamps via places like stamp auctions, and through internet sites like