Sarah Bernhardt Commemorative Stamp of 1944


Oct 29, 2013 Europe/London

The kids of today may not have known the importance of postage stamps while others may not even know what they really are. That is particularly true since in this day and age, postage stamps have lessened in number and usage. In addition, mails are often done electronically, by means of emails in computers. However, it does not mean that we should not appreciate the importance of postage stamps. Remember, these pieces of adhesive paper have mostly travelled far through cities, states and countries just to make messages reach their destinations. Imagine what a sad birthday our parents would have if letters and birthday cards did not reach them on time. What about Christmas? It would be less meaningful too.

postage stamps-  the world’s first postage stamp.What do we see in postage stamps?

If we analyze how postage stamps look we can consider them as miniature paintings because of their fine engraving. However, this small piece of paper that contains adhesive and is stuck on a mail envelope or parcel indicates that an amount of money was paid to have the item sent through the mailing service.

What are commemorative stamps?

Commemorative stamps are postage stamps that were issued on momentous events, or to celebrate certain dates such as anniversaries or in remembrance of certain places, events, individuals or objects. The subject of this particular type of stamp is usually indicated in print on the stamp itself. It differs in comparison with definitive stamps where only the subject together with the value of the stamp and the country it originated is reflected.

The first day in the issuance of commemorative stamps are marked with ceremonies held in certain locations that connect with the stamp subjects. It can be used together with the ordinary stamps for postal purposes. These are sold, and then reprinted for a certain period of time for general purposes. However, it has limited copies and is sold only while supplies last.
Among the most known commemorative stamp is that of Sarah Bernhardt.

Sarah Bernhardt Who is Sarah Bernhardt?

Sarah Bernhardt is one of the most loved actresses of 1870s. She conquered the stage and was the heroine in the earlier silent films. She was also honored in the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ with a star and was nicknamed as the ‘The Divine Sarah’ by her avid fans.

To fully understand the heartbreaking roles she plays on stage, Sarah had to experience sleeping inside a coffin. But her life in the limelight started its decline when she suffered a severe right leg injury due to an accident, which then became gangrene and finally led into an amputation. After rejecting the use of artificial limbs, her successful career on stage gradually declined and ended.

To commemorate the centenary year of Sarah Bernhardt’s birth, a majestic gala was celebrated in France in the year 1944. It was then that a stamp was made with Sarah as the subject. It has a 1f additional price intended for a charity fund for retired actors.