Mail Sorting and Delivery by Train

Mail sorting and delivery by train

The use of trains didn’t just change the way people move from one location to the next- the adoption of trains also changed the way mails are delivered. Thanks to railway trains, the increasing volume of mails that needed to be sorted and delivered on time was managed, giving way to another golden age for stamp collecting and philately. The popularity of using trains as platforms for sorting and mail delivery significantly gained traction right after the Civil War.

Maltese Showcase of Culture Through Stamps

Maltese Showcase of Culture Through Stamps

As a way to showcase the country’s rich cultural heritage, the Malta’s government through MaltaPost has decided to issue a set of postage stamps that will showcase a glimpse of its culture. The three postage stamps focus on the Regatta, Festa and the traditional procession every Sunday. The philatelic issues depict the religious heritage and other celebrations that are popular in the country.

Learn How to Trade Postage Stamps Like a Pro

Tips to trading postage stamps

While collecting postage stamps can be a source of knowledge and history lessons, remember that it can also work as an investment and can provide a great return of investment. Today, philately is no longer just considered for education; rather this is now seen by many as a profitable hobby. To make this happen, you’ll need to understand the basics of postage stamp trading and collection.


How to Learn Postage Values the Easy Way

How to learn the value of your stamps

Learning how to identify the values of postage stamp is one requirement to fully enjoy philately and trading of postage stamps. Here are some recommendations on how you can screen stamps, and discover their value.