Ancient Coins

Galilaea Cave Yields Hellenistic Jewelry and Coinage

Hellenistic Jewelry and Coinage found in Caesaria

After a gold treasure discovery in Caesaria, Israel once again reported the discovery of another historical treasure trove and this time, the cache featured Hellenistic silver and bronze coins and other objects estimated to be 2,300 years old. This was confirmed by the Israel Antiquities Authority, and according to the officials of the agency, the collection of coinage and objects is one of the most important discoveries in the region and will require more time before the treasure trove can be studied.

Tracing Coin Usage and History

Tracing Coin Usage and History

Herodotus, the famed Greek historian, once said that it was the Lydians who first introduced the manufacture and use of silver and gold coins. This early account of coinage in the world is almost authentic, except for a few details about coinage and its history that should be clarified for modern readers and students of coinage. Historical excavations suggest that some of the early coins used for transactions were found in areas that the world know now as Turkey, and these items were traditionally made from a combination of silver and gold known as electrum.