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lot # 22 - jewish colonies

Tuesday Sep 06, 2022 20:00 Asia/Jerusalem

HADERA 5 para -10 c Austrian (Crete 1908) postal stationery card (Mi P 28) sent from the Jewish Colony HADERA to Wilhelm Kathe in Germany, message in German, bearing a Greenish solid frame 5 (para) HADERA Local label, imprinted 10 c stp cancelled JAFFA  OSTER. POST 9. XII. 12 (St. 527). Hadera label tied by the receiving cachet dated 17 DEC 1912; few folds including at bottom right corner, f-vf Top Rarity, certif Tsachor-Aloni, one of 3 known to us, the other 2 are at the Alexander Museum & are locally addressed



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