Public Stamps (Briefmarken) Auction #135 on

Dr. Reinhard Fischer

Jan 18, 2014 Europe/Berlin

Dr. Reinhard Fischer Public Stamps (Briefmarken) Auction #135 on

Saturday Jan 18, 2014 10:00 Europe/Berlin

The 135th auction’s more than 8,000 lots contain the following highlights:

German states: extensive supply with many cancelled lots, items in mint condition, including many from Helgoland, as well as further Preußen, Thurn & Taxis and all other states with equally attractive offers.

German Empire: interesting selection from the breastplate issues on, very extensive in regard to types, varieties, colours, etc., further se-tenant printings, stamp booklets, etc.; also Nothilfe-Blocks, rare trials, unissued “Burg Rheinstein”, imperforated four-colour proofs of Mi.-Nr. 45, to name only a few highlights.

German colonies / Post offices abroad: extensive supply with many top items and rarities, very strong in forerunner issues, covers and in mint, never hinged issues; equally interesting is the comprehensive supply of “cancellations”.

Occupation I. World War/Plebiscites/Danzig/Memel/Saar: specialized supply with many types, varieties, rarities and sought-after standard values, including - among others, Saar Block 1 cancelled (1,200), mint never hinged Urdruck-Satz (1,300), Memel with mnh green overprint, etc.

WW II/Fieldpost: premium supply with many types, rare stamps and varieties, also including Mi.-Nr. 8A cancelled (1,350), Mi.-Nr. 10BbIDDKI/3 mnh (450), Mi.-Nr. 12II mnh (400) and also Mi.-Nr. 12V mnh (400), as well as others.

German local issues: more than 300 lots with interesting covers, sought-after standard issues and varieties, including nearly all cities represented - from A like Arnsberg to W like Wittenberg.

West zones/Bund/Berlin: extensive selection with many varieties, rarities and top pieces, including among others Bund with numerous varieties, and mnh standard issues, Berlin with sought-after overprint items, numerous Währungsbeschädigten-Blocks, etc.

SBZ/DDR: more than 500 lots, including many rarities, sought-after standard issues, watermark varieties, colours, etc., also includes Mi.-Nr. 439aIIgXI mnh (750), Mi.-Nr. 3091F mnh (130), etc.

Europe: contains among other items a very interesting series (Strecke) of lots from Austria, incl. Rosa Merkur, Wipa-Blocks, Dollfuss, furthermore Switzerland with good initial issues, classics and specialities, also Liechtensteinwith sought-after sets.

Varied collections offerings: a total of more than 900 collections, ranging from items from treasure troves to specialized stamp collections, from brief items to kilo ware, just about everything is represented.

Coins: more than 400 selected lots with numerous collectors’ coins and gold coins. That includes an extensive number of medallions.

Please note that conditions have changed - a buyers premium of 20% will be added to the final price, as well as a lot fee of 2,50 and postage. VAT of 19 % applies only on buyers premium, lot fee and postage and only if shipped in the EC. Please see this page for all terms and conditions

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