Public Stamps and Coins Auction #156

Dr. Reinhard Fischer

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May 26, 2017 Europe/Berlin

Dr. Reinhard Fischer Public Stamps and Coins Auction #156

Friday May 26, 2017 13:30 to Saturday May 27, 2017 20:00 Europe/Berlin
Last date for bids: 
Friday May 26, 2017 11:30 Europe/Berlin

Dear collector,

the catalogue of our 156th auction on may 26/27th 2017 is online!

The following highlights are included within the over 8.000 lots of the 156th auction.

Highlights English

We would like to get your attention on the priorities of the 8.000 lots of our 156th auction with numerous highlights and specialties.

Apart of the dissolution of a Baden-Collection we have several “Bayern Einser” as well as a literature-known “Sachsendreier” (shown in “3 Pfennige rot” by Georg Bühler). Just as interesting are several rarities “German Occupation World War II” - next to rarities of the areas “Dunkerque” and “Fortress Lorient” sought after standard-issues such as Montenegro 10/19 **, Pleskau-Blocks ** or Lithuania state-issue 10/18 ** will catch your eye, “Generalgouvernement I/III” may not be missed as well as a rich offer of field post stamps. In the modern German philately after 1945 has several mutations, specialties and plate errors that will be of great interest, including such that are imperforated, offset printing, missing colors etc.

Europe-collectors will also discover what they are looking for, especially with the offers Austria including nearby areas, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and France – obviously further countries are included with interesting pieces.

The area “Overseas” shines with a thrilling offer “Peoples Republic of China”, including “Actorblock **”, “Youthblock 1979 **” etc.

The extensive collection offer with over 1000 lots – almost exclusively by private - offers numerous country – and partcollections, including numerous envelope items, estates and surprise boxes.

A voluminous offer “Numismatic” with almost 1.500 lots and over 350.000 € starting price sets the main focus, including numerous gold and silver minting, as well as an interesting offer medals and decoration- and badges of honor, next to diverse militaria.

You can “inspect” more than 256 collections completely on the web – the photos of the album pages render a very accurate impression of the collections.

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