Brazil World Cup Stamps - Gearing Up for the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup of 2014 will be held in Brazil and is a cause for pride and celebration in this South American country. The preparations cover different aspects of the games, including promotions such as the use of football-themed stamps. The organizing body has decided to continue its stamp collection programme for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, and according to latest pronouncements it will be continuing with its centennial philatelic programme which was created in 2004 to commemorate FIFA’s 100 year anniversary.

El Salvador Stamps - From Revolution to Independence Stamps

El Salvador has received many names in the past including ‘Cuscation’ which means the land of beautiful jewels, but what caught on was the name taken from Jesus Christ- El Salvador or The Saviour. El Salvador is situated on the pacific coast of Central America, with Guatemala on the west and Honduras on the north and east. It is the smallest country of Western Hemisphere with an area of just 8,123 square miles. In 1524 the Spaniards arrived in El Salvador and established their capital at San Salvador (St Saviour) the following year.