Colonial Stamp Company

United States

We are the largest specialized auction house in America devoted exclusively to offering the stamps and postal history of the British Empire for both public auction and private sale from the largest Commonwealth stock in North America.
Your collection or consignment will be reviewed by many thousands of active collectors and stamp dealers all over the world.
Our auctions are extensively advertized abroad. You cannot hope to find a larger or more enthusiastic audience that is specifically seeking to buy what you wish to sell!

Recent Auction

Thursday Aug 08, 2024 14:00 America/Los_Angeles

Past Auctions

Thursday Oct 12, 2023 14:00 America/Los_Angeles
Thursday May 11, 2023 14:00 America/Los_Angeles
Thursday Nov 10, 2022 14:00 America/Los_Angeles
Thursday Sep 08, 2022 14:00 America/Los_Angeles