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lot # 9288 - German States - Alsace and Lorraine 1870-71

Tuesday Jul 04, 2023 17:00 Europe/London

range of vals Mint, Unused or Used with some typical faults and some reprints, with net point upwards 1c olive-green unused, 1c sage-green M with gum toning, 4c grey type B Unused & Used, 25c Mint (tone spot) & Used (faults), net point down 2c Unused, 4c type B Mint with tone spots, 5c Mint with tone spots, 10c Mint with 'reprint' on reverse, 25c Mint & Unused, all are unexpertised. (13) Cat £6050 (image available) {MX} [US2] (Start Price / Minimum Bid = £156.00)

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