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lot # 18827 - New Zealand 1907-08

Tuesday Jul 04, 2023 17:00 Europe/London

Pictorial issues from Perkins Bacon plates wmk NZ Star between SG374-385a mint with : ½d green fine m.m. SG374. 3d brown overall toned gum SG375. 6d carmine-pink x 3 one with light crease, one m.m. with h/r one redistributed gum. ½d green 3d brown 4d blue & yellow brown fine m.m. SG377-79. 1/-orange-red fine m.m. SG381. Perf 14x15 reduced format, ½d green pair fine m.m. SG382. 3d h/r & tone spot, 6d fine l.m.m 1/- x 2 shades m.m. SG385 & 385a some h/r/ (15). Cat £1100 (image available) {MH} [US3] (Start Price / Minimum Bid = £191.20)

SG 374-85


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