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lot # 13534 - Greece 1861-87

Tuesday Apr 11, 2023 17:00 Europe/London

Specialised coln of Large Hermes Heads presented in an Exeter album and identified in denomination order by Hellas catalogue reference, because Hermes Heads are complex identification cannot be guaranteed, incl various prints, shades, multiples, varieties, fakes, etc, mostly Used though also some Mint or unused, from1861 Paris print incl 2l, 80l, 1861-7 1st Athens Print and consecutive issues incl 1l x 18, 2l x 7, 10l x 5, 20l x 23, 40 mauve/blue x 6, 80l x 8, also later printings incl 'cleaned plates', 1872-75 'Mesh' paper, later higher vals, etc, vals usually dupl with the various shades identified and small plate flaws, many higher c/v items noted though condition is mixed, superb coln for specialist interest also much for the pmk collector as many have better cancels, indicated c/v is circa £9000 though these issues are notoriously open to interpretation so possibly more, but may be less. Scans available (300) (image available) {MX} [US4] (Start Price / Minimum Bid = £1,688.00)

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