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lot # 20999 - transvaal

Wednesday Jul 06, 2022 17:00 Europe/London
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Excellent substantial coll on Oriel gold-edged leaves, much duplication for shades and postmarks, incl. page of 1870-75 Arms with fresh fine used examples to 1s, 1877 (June) V.R. 1d ovpt. inverted (reprint?) unused plus 1s fine used, 1877 (Sept) used values to 6d (also 1879 V.R. 3d (2) used, 1878-80 recess to 6d o.g./unused, plus duplicated 1d to 2s used, 1885-93 Arms extensive range mint (various perfs) and used incl. £5 (4, one used, reprints?), 1885-93 surcharges incl. better, 1894-97 extensive wagon types incl. blocks, 1895 ½d on 1s surcharge inverted block of 4, double (o.g. and used pair), 'Pennij' mint and used (each central stamp in strip of 3), on 2½d inverted mint block of 4 and used single, 1900 VRI duplicated to £5 (reprint) incl. 5s and 10s handstamped SPECIMEN and ½d, 2½d, 6d and 2s6d with 'no stop after V' variety, 1902 set to 10s mint (ex. 3d), most with 2 or 3 of each value, used to 2s6d, 1904-08 used to £1 (2) etc. Also Pietersburg and Lydenburg ½d and 3d on 1d (2), 'as is', plus 2d on 4d registered postal stationary cut-out. A valuable lot, offered in its entirety with nothing removed and with potential for working up to the next level. (100's) (image available) {X} [US6] (Start Price / Minimum Bid = £468.00)


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