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lot # 20 - General - British Commonwealth 1860s-1970s

Wednesday Apr 15, 2020 17:00 Europe/London
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May 10, 00:45 BST

FINE USED COLLECTION on stockcards. Inc. SAMOA nice KGV-KGVI, SOUTHERN NIGERIA inc.KEVII to 2/6d,NIGERIA inc.1914-29 to 10/-,1921-32 to 1/-,1936 to 2/6d,KGVI to 5/-,S/Wedding,NTH.RHODESIA KGV to 2/6d,KGVI to 5/-,NYASALAND 'B.C.A.' 2/-,1895 to 6d,1877 to 2/6d,1901 vals.,1913 vals.1921-33 to 2/-,1934-5 to 1/-,S/ 1/-,KGVI to 5/-,QEII to £1,RHODESIA QV to high vals.1895 to 4/-,1896-7 to 4/-,later to £5 Fiscal, Double Heads & Admirals.ST.HELENA Imperf.& Perf.QV ranges.1890-7 to 10d,Later ship types,ST.CHRISTOPHER nice QV vals.NEVIS 1862 to 1/-,1866-76 to 1/-,later QV,ST.KITTS KGVI to 2/6d,ST.LUCIA 1860 Wmk.Star (1d) & (6d), 1863 (4d),(6d) Wmk.Reversed, 1869-71 vals.1882 to 4d, 1883-6 to 1/-, 1891-8 to 1/-1902-3 to 1/-,1904-10 to 1/-x2,later inc.KGVI to 10/-,QEII to $2.50,ST.VINCENT inc.1861-8 4d,1/-,1872 (June) Small Star 1/-, 1872-8 to 6d,1880 to 6d, later QV to 1/-,1902 to 2/-,KGV to 1/-,later to h/vals.SARAWAK QV to 12c,1895 to 8c,1899-1908 to 25c,1918-9 to 25c,1932 to 10c,1934 to $3,later to $5.SEYCHELLES solid ranges of QV to h/vals.Surcharges,1903 to 18c,1906 to 45c,1912-6 to R2.25, KGV to R2.25,SIERRA LEONE ranges of QV to 1/-,& 2/-1903 to 2/-,1904 to 1/-,1912-21 to 2/-1921-7 to 2/-,1932 to 10/-.SINGAPORE KGVI to $10,1955-9 to $5. SOMALILAND QV 1R,1912 vals.CAPE OF G.HOPE Triangulars to 6d x 2,1/-.later QV to 5/-,KEVII to 5/-,GRIQUALAND WEST various 'G' 5/-,NATAL much QV to 1/- vals.1902-3 to 5/-,1904-8 to £1,ORANGE FREE STATE ranges to 5/-,TRANSVAAL 1878-80 to 1/-,1902-17 to 1/-,1904-9 to £1, etc.ZULULAND GB ovptd.vals to 6d,later to 1/-,SUDAN 1895 to 10P,1902-21 to 10P, solid later to top vals.Airs.SOUTH AFRICA KGV to 10/-,Coils,1926-7 pairs to 6d,later to 10/-,Airs.SOUTHERN RHODESIA kgvi TO 5/-,Qeii to 5/-,S.W.A.pairs to 10/-.TRINIDAD 1855 (1d), 1859 SG 28,6d, 1/- Lilac (?), later QV to 5/-,1896-1906 to £1,1901 to 5/-,nice KGVi,inc.S-Jub.later to $4.80,TURKS 1867-79 1/-, later QV to 1/-,KGV to 2/-.UGANDA QV to 1R, HONG KONG 1862-3 to 12c,1863-71 to 30c,28c on 30c,later QV inc.surchs.1904-6 to $1, KGV to $5, later to $10.INDIA 4a, solid later QV to 5R,KEVII to 5R, KGV to 10R & 15R,KGVI to 10R, Then extensive ranges of Convention State hgh vals.etc etc. Some minor faults here & there, but generally clean-looking lot.All good to fine used.Very high cat.value(Many 100s). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS [US4] (Start Price = £2,578.40)

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