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lot # 21202 - Portugal - Colonies - Lourenco Marques 1895-1921

Tuesday Apr 09, 2019 17:00 Europe/London
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ORIGINAL COLLECTION on leaves, starts Perf.11½ most to 300r c.d.s.Perf.12½ 75r, St.Anthony ovorprinted Perf.12½ vals. Inc.5r,10r,50r,200r,300r.c.d.s. 1898-1901 Tablet types to 700r m.m.or c.d.s.1899 (Feb) Fiscal stamps ovptd. 1902 400r on 100r m.m.Provisionals, 1903 Colour changes to 400r c.d.s.1911 'Republica' ovptd.set to 700r, 1913 all 3 Vasco da Gama sets m.m.1914-18 Ceres most to 1E m.m.Provisional surcharged vals.and some later overprints. Clean lot m.m.or c.d.s.(155) (Start Price = £224.00)

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