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Tuesday Apr 09, 2019 17:00 Europe/London
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BRITISH AFRICA 1850's-1960's a valuable mint or used collection displayed in two albums, arranged by area, with Southern incl. Cape of Good Hope triangular issues (7) to 1s in mixed condition, 1876 1d on 1s mint, 1902-04 set fine used, Mafeking Siege SG 1 & 13 used, few Griqualand, Natal from Chalon issues, 1902 £1 and £1.10 cds used, Officials to 6d used, Orange Free State incl. good range of surcharges and Occupation issues, 1903 set fine used, Transvaal with few early types, 1878 Queen 2s fine cds, KE7 to £1 fine used, Zululand 1888-93 to 5d and 9d fine used, 1894-96 to 1s fine used, a range of South Africa definitive issues, Basutoland 1938 to 10s fine used, Bechuanaland 1888 Ptoectorate 6d on 6d fine used, 1889 4d on ½d mint, 1904 to 1s used, 1932 to 2s.6d mint, 1938 to 10s mint, 1955 to 10s mint, Swaziland 1933 to 5s fine used, 1928 to 10s fine used, South West Africa range, Rhodesia incl. 1892 Arms £2 and £10 fiscal cancels, 1895 perf. 12½ 2d and 4d fine used, 1905 Falls to 2s.6d cds used, 1909 £1used, range of Double Heads and Admirals, Southern Rhodesia1914 to 2s.6d and 1931 to 5s fine used, Northern Rhodesia 1925 to 5s fine used, 1938 to 20s used, 1963 set fine used, Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1954 and 1959 sets fine used, Nyasaland incl. KGV 2s and 5s fine used, 2s.6d and 4s mint, 1938 incl. 2s to £1 mint, 1945 and 1953 to 20s mint; EAST AFRICA with B.E.A. 1890 ½a on 1d and 4a on 5d used, 1894-95 'Remington' surcharge on 3a used, 7½a on 1r fine used, overprints on B.E.A. to 8a and India range to 6a incl. two '2½a on 1a.6p fine used, 1896-1901 to 4r used, 1897 2½ on 1a (2 diff) and on 3a fine used, a good range of K.U.T., Uganda 1898 to 1r cds used, G.E.A. 3r fine used, Tanganyika 1927 to 10s fine used, Zanzibar 1895-96 5r cds used, later incl. better higher values; WEST AFRICA with Gambia incl. 1869 6d no watermark with four margins and red cds, CC 4d with three margins cds used, perf. to 1s green, CA to 1s fine used, 1898-1902 to 1s used, 1904-06 10d fine used, 1906 1d on 3s fine used, 1912 to 3s fine used, 1922-29 to 3s aniline and 4s fine used, 1938 to 10s mint, 1953 and 1963 sets to £1 fine used, Gold Coast 1889 1d on 6d fine used, 1898-1902 2d mint, and to 5s and 10s fine used, 1913 to 20s used, 1938, 1948 and 1952 to 10s mint, The Nigerias with gopod ranges of Lagos, Niger Coast to 1s (3) fine used, Northern 1902 10s fine used, 1905-06 to 2s.6d fine used, 1910-11 to 10s fine used, 1912 to £1 fine used, Southern 1907 to 10s fine used, Sierra Leone useful ranges, Somaliland 1904 5r fine used, 1938 1r and 2r fine used, 3r and 5r mint, Sudan incl. Postage and Official issues to high values, and much else. (approx 3380 stamps). HEAVY LOT - OVERSEAS BIDDERS PLEASE ENQUIRE FOR SHIPPING COSTS [US1] (Start Price = £2,848.00)

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