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Universal Philatelic Auctions

lot # 18136 - United States of America 1870's-1960's

Tuesday Apr 10, 2018 17:00 Europe/London
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BACK OF BOOK ISSUES COLLECTION.Starts with PARCEL POST 1912 vals.m.m.Others to 25c x 4 f.u., PARCEL POSTAGE DUE 1912 5c m.m.& to 25c f.u., POSTAGE DUE 1879-93 1c m.m.& to 10c x 2 f.u., 1894 to 10c x 2, 1930 to $5 m.m.or f.u., 1959 to $5 inc. Blocks x 4, SPECIAL DELIVERY 1894 10c x 4, 1902 vals.1922 to 15c block x 4, & to 20c x 3 f.u., 1927 set m.m.& f.u., 1954 set in blocks, 1969 blocks, AIR SPEC.DLY.1934 16c block, SPEC.HANDLING 1925 to 25c m.m.& to 25c f.u.Then CANAL ZONE RANGES 1904 to 1960's inc. Air Mails, P/Dues, etc.Then similar ranges from CUBA, GUAM, HAWAII, PHILIPPINES (inc.JAPANESE OCCUPATION issues), PUERTO RICO, SHANGHAI. Altogether an intesting lot. Few faults but generally clean m.m.or u.m. Or f.u. (Some 100's) Cat.Value is approximate and given by original owner and not checked by us. Cat £3000 (Start Price = £400.00)