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lot # 512 - india collections

Saturday Sep 27, 2014 16:00 Asia/Kolkata
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British India used starter collection on Scott leaves (simplified - without wmk., shade & die variations) from 1855 East India 1st issue i.e. SG35 4a, 36 8a on bluish, 1/2a, 1a, 3x2 & 2x4a black, 8a; KED VII to 1r, KG V & KG VI complete including all colours & rupee values, Officials: 1866/73 1/2a x2, 1a,4a both dies,8a; 1874-82 1/2, 1, 4a QV complete; KED VII to 5r, complete thereon to end (missing only KG V 1912-13 10,15,25r 1921-1926 provisional KED VII 1r on 15r, 1r on 25r, KG V 1r on 15r, 1r on 25r, 2r on 10r ; 1926-35 KG V mult star 10r KG VI 5r, 10r) Mint C.E.F KG V 1/2 & 1a & I.E.F. set. Also includes India Post Independence complete used to 1969 including 1948 Gandhi set to 10r. Mint from 1968 December, Birds set; includes all definitive & officials & (Military only 1957 & 1961/65 Indochina ovpt. on map issue - both wmks. and few earlier). Fine. (Lot viewing is recommended before bidding, this is a no return lot).