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David Ben-Gurion - 2 pages letter handwritten and signed, concerning the Lavon Affair. Sdeh Boker, May 1, 1964. Hebrew, in the letter, Ben-Gurion addresses the most important piece of evidence of the affair – a letter from 1954, which specifically mentions the "order" given by Defense Minister Pinchas Lavon (supposedly sent by Binyamin Gibli to the IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan). This piece of evidence was the focus of the discussions of the investigative committee regarding the question of who was responsible for the affair ("Who issued the order?") and immediately with its introduction, Lavon claimed it was a forgery. The letter contains an extraordinary reference by David Ben-Gurion, one of the opponents and accusers of Lavon, to the incriminating letter and its forgery: "Two authorized institutions […] determined that the 'forgery' is but libel […] and in light of the expert's negative results – I conclude there is no evidence of forgery […] no case"; 2 pages mounted on one sheet of paper, 21x23cm, creases & tears to edges, stains and blemishes due to mounting, fine, readable &  very interesting


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