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lot # 7216 - World POLAND - 1914-18 OCCUP & TOWN POSTS

Thursday Feb 02, 2023 12:00 Australia/Sydney

Luboml Jewish local post: 1918 Views set 5h-50h prepared but unissued due to end of WWI, inscribed in 4 languages - German, Polish, Ukrainian & Yiddish, 5h showing local synagogue. Specialist collection on 3 pages inc imperf set, plus 50h pelure paper, perf set, plus paper varieties, set of imperf se-tenant prs with 1 in ea pr INVERTED denomination!, plus full double sheet of 2 panes showing printing arrangement, so with 6 interpanneau tete-beche prs, each pane with 10 normal stamps, 1 stamp inverted denomination & 1 blank tab. Mostly VF fresh M/MNH/U. Mi 1-5A & B & Mi 1-5BK & F est cat €900++. Interesting collection (46)
Estimate A$500


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