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lot # 2928 - World New Zealand

Thursday Aug 18, 2022 12:00 Australia/Sydney
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New Zealand Specialised 1970-1986 collection extensive in well filled Premier album. Some MNH, mostly F-VFU inc shades & varieties. Noted 1973 Trains 4c variety 'black double printed' MNH CP cat I70aZ $100 & 5c var 'red colour double' CP I71aY MNH cat $100. 1975 Roses inc 7c marginal vertical pr var 'grossly misplaced perfs' FU CP PA7b (cat $450 MNH) 10c QEII blk of 4 MNH var 'grossly misplaced perfs' cat PA10bY cat $600. 1976 18c Christmas with variety 'doubling of Halo' 1979 10c Health variety 'Green colour double print' FU CP T51b(Y) cat $175. 1981 Scenes 35c Mangahao River with variety missing dark green FU. 1982 1c Nephrite var misplaced perfs MNH, 1985 $1 Bird horiz strip of 5 MNH with var caused by pre-printing paper crease, creating partial void. 1885 18c & 50c Christmas with 'Cristmas' spelling error MNH. Various other issues inc 1985 Birds with Kiwi reprints etc post 1980 original FV $190+, o/w mostly F-VFU. Desirable collection. (1020, 10 M/S).
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