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lot # 2927 - World New Zealand

Thursday Aug 18, 2022 12:00 Australia/Sydney
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New Zealand: Specialised 1970-73 Defs M & U collection on leaves, highlights inc 1c Moth misplaced blue (appears missing colour) blk of 6 MNH & blk of 4 CTO, 1c misplaced black superb U, 3c Moth (185 MNH & 15 M/MLH) in blks of 6 to 39 showing constant varieties inc blk of 10 with red misplaced errors. 4c Moth variety 'purple-brown almost totally omitted' MNH CP P6c(X) cat $400 as missing colour, 'missing vein' flaws (dark green omitted) 2 MNH, plus another 5 G-F U, 4c booklet pane with dark green (veins) shifted 10mm to right margin & appears as missing colour, plus another pane with 7mm green shift to the right. 4c Moth (2) one with 'yellow partially missing' & the other misplaced to right (appears partially missing) both F-VF U. 5c Fish with 'red partially omitted' (3) F-VF U. 8c Fish variety 'black print with vertical shift' MNH CP P11b (U) cat $250. 10c QEII study inc 'grossly misplaced blue' (New Zealand) to the right VFU cat $800, 'double blue lines at top' MNH cat $150 & 'missing red bow to Queen's head' MNH cat $150. Also Counter Coils (cat $380) with 3c, 4c, 6c sets of 19, QEII 10c set of 19 (2 sets), plus coil leaders & varieties. Finally a selection of no wmk & wmk Used to 8c Fish. A strong collection in need of reorganisation. (1700)
Estimate A$500


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