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lot # 2925 - World New Zealand

Thursday Aug 18, 2022 12:00 Australia/Sydney
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New Zealand Specialised 1960 Pictorials collection extensively annotated for shades, perfs, colour shifts etc. Better items seen inc ½d missing blue on flowers (CP cat $400), both 1/9 with coil join numbers, bklt panes with & w/o numbers (25, NZ $420), 2d counter coil numbered sets in black or red (23ea, NZ $310), plus start/end papers, & 3d set of 23 (£52), plus some imprint/plate no blks, 'Chambon' perfs, etc. Variously annotated. VFU, some M/MNH. CP cat NZ$1900 as basic stamps, coils, panes etc, plus extra for shades, varieties etc. (675 inc 60 blks & 69 coil prs).
Estimate A$500


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