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lot # 271 - russia territories and republics occupations north ingermanland

Thursday Jul 06, 2023 23:45 Asia/Jerusalem

Civil War - Soviet Republic, 1919 Army of the Northwest (General Yudenich) , lot of 9  stamps:

1 kopek, orange, Imperf. Mi:RU 63B overprinted in black - Сев.Зап. Армiя. Not postally used. Used.
3 kopek - 3 stamps: Imperforate, one with Overprint inverted. : Scott:10var. Michel 2var.  and a mint and a used stamp. Mi.  2; Yt. 13; Sg. 16.
5 kopek, brown,  Imperf. Mi: RU 67B overprinted in black Сев.Зап. Армiя. Mi: RU-NW III, Yt: RU-NWA 14, Not postally used. NH.
2 kopek, green, :Mi:RU 64IAa - overprinted in black  Сев.Зап. Армiя., Mi. 1, Yt: 1, Sg. 6. Used.
5 kopek, Brown lilac, Mi: RU 67IIAb - overprinted in black, Сев.Зап. Армiя. Mi: 3, Yt:2, Sg:7.  Used
5 kopek, Brown Overprinted in black  - Сев.Зап. Армiя with 10k on 5k. Mi: 5, Sc. 14, Yt: 4, Sg: 20. Used
10 ₽ -  ruble, Grey / red.  Overprinted in black  - Сев.Зап. Армiя Mi: 14, Yt:11, Sg:15 Used.

Used , Without gum , Unused

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