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1909 (Nov 16) Kalgan, Chihli to Denmark, registered mail on C.I.P. 4th stationery card,the card was affixed with a 1-cent coiling dragon stamp, seven 2-cents coiling dragon stamps, and a four-cent dragon stamp. The stamps were cancelled with two sets of Kalgan Chihli Province double-ringed lunar cancellations (May 11th and May 16th respectively), and a Beijing English-Chinese lunar type cds. Additionally, it was stamped with two registration marks: "Kalgan Chihli Province Registration / R 88" and "R 88 / PEKING (CHINA)". The back of the postal card was cancelled with a Beijing Chinese-English half-cut round postmark and a Peking French P.O. round postmark (5 Jul 1909). When the card arrived at the Beijing post office, the staff noticed that an additional sheet with written content had been affixed to the back of the postal card. Therefore, it had to be sent back to the Zhangjiakou post office and an additional 6-cent charge was levied (increasing from the original four-cent overseas postal card rate to the normal 10-cent international letter rate). Thus, a four-cent stamp and a two-cent stamp were affixed at the lower left corner, partially covering the Kalgan registration mark, and cancelled with another set of Kalgan lunar year cds (the fifth month, 16th day). This postal card is rich in postal materials and is well preserved

1909年11月16日清四次郵資片從直隸張家口掛號寄北歐丹麥,加貼蟠龍1分1枚、蟠龍2分7枚、蟠龍4分1枚,銷2組直隸張家口三格干支小圓戳(分別為五月十一及五月十六)、北京英漢腰框幹支日戳,另蓋2個掛號印分別為「直隸張家口掛號/ R 88」、「R 88 / PEKING ( CHINA)」。郵資片背面銷中轉北京漢英半切圓戳,北京法國客郵局圓戳(1909年7月5日)。此片當寄至北京時郵局職員才發現郵資片背面加貼了一附加紙有書寫內容的,因此須寄回張家口郵局另加收費6分(由原先郵資片寄出海外的4分增至正常寄 國際信件的10分),因而加貼於左下角的4分1枚及2分1枚並蓋過了部分的張家口掛號印,銷另新一組張家口三格干支小圓戳五月十六日, 郵資材料十分豐富,郵資片保存完好。

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