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Monday Nov 16, 2020 09:00 Europe/Berlin

1921 May, Private Esperanto correspondence, ordinary postcard sent from OMSK 24 5 21 to Bamberg with weak Three Triangle Censor on the reverse. This card is correctly charged at 2 roubles in accord with the RSFSR Foreign tariff of 30 September 1920, which abolished the Free Post for ordinary mail sent abroad. The Kerensky card is used as a Blank in accordance with the invalidation of 1 January 1919 . A German Postage Due mark PORTO KONTROLLE has been applied and " 80 " inserted by hand and repeated in blue on the card. However, the card is correctly franked and both the cachet and the " 80 " in blue have been crossed through with red crayon . Alexander Epstein records only a few known examples of the 2 rouble postcard rate, most mail abroad in 1920 - 21 was sent registered

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