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H. R. Harmer Inc

lot # 270 - United States of America UNITED STATES COLLECTIONS

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024 10:00 America/New_York

Eastern Express Companies, balance of collection, just over twenty items, written-up on pages, noting Adams Express Company, New York, two stampless covers with different embossed corner cards; Bryant & Spear’s / Penobscot Express, Boston, green label on cover to Maine; rare “Forwarded by / Prince’s / Boston & Portland / Express” label in red on folded cover (untied, vertical crease); Wells & Co’s Express, with 1848 entire from Albany to Buffalo, 1849 cover from Buffalo to New York with yellow “Wells & Co’s” label, 1850 entire from Albany to New York with pink label, small group of receipts for payment showing the partners, offices, agencies, etc; Livingston, Wells & Co Express group with 1854 entire from Paris to Massachusetts forwarded with blue cachet, c. 1855 envelope with cachet of Paris agency forwarded to New York; Wells, American Express Co. covers with yellow “Buffalo, Albany & New York” label, “St. Johnsville” in red, “Albany” in green, varying condition, some covers and labels with faults, crease, etc, but a fascinating group to continue further study of this popular field.