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Wednesday May 21, 2014 08:00 Europe/London
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A mint K.G.VI collection in an S.G. printed album incl. Aden and States, Ascension 1938-53 to 10s. (mixed perfs.), Australia 1937-49 to £1, Bahamas sets to £1, Bahrain, Brunei 1947-51 to $10, Canada sets to $1, Cyprus 1938-51 to £1, Falkland Is. 1938-50 to 10s., Gambia 1938-46 to 10s., Gibraltar 1938-51 to £1 with some perfs., Gilbert and Ellice Is. 1940 postage dues, G.B. 1939-48 and 1951 to £1, G.B. overprinted, Hong Kong, Jamaica 1938-52 to £1, K.U.T. 1938-54 to £1, Malayan States, Pakistan 1947 to 25r., Saints, Seychelles 1938-49 to 5r., Sierra Leone 1938-44 to £1, 1948 Wedding sets, etc., varied condition with a few toned, mainly fine. (many 100s)
[Proposed price: £1500-1800]

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