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lot # 53020 - bolivia

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1878-1928, Clean specialised collection with essays, proofs, cancellations, multiples, etc.
1878-1928, Clean specialised collection on lighthouse pages, with essays, proofs, cancellations, multiples, etc., from Book of Law set of NBN die proofs on India, 5c small NBN die proof on card, 5c marginal block of 27 with imprint, 20c corner block of 30 with part double imprint, 10c bisect se-tenant with whole on piece, 50c bisect on piece, 1887 Arms SPECIMEN in blocks, 1c with OLLAGUE/CHILE border cds, 2c blue perforated proof, 1890 Arms with ABN SPECIMEN, 1892 Railway stamps, Seebeck Justice essays, 1894 Arms imperf. proofs, set in strips of 5 without Specimen (probably sent as UPU distribution), imperf. blocks of 2c, 5c, 1899 Sucre imperf. proofs, 1901 Telegraphs, Fiscal proofs and Specimens, 1928 siles die proofs, Fiscals with ABN Specimen, multiples, Telegraphs, etc,. mostly fine and most interesting lot for the specialist (over 500 items)


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