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lot # 53010 - Argentina » Corrientes

Friday Dec 07, 2018 10:00 Europe/Zurich
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1856-80, Attractive Corrientes collection in one album
1856-80, Attractive Corrientes collection in one album, all items neatly and knowledgeably written up on 25 pages, better items noted incl. first issue UN REAL with used single and two covers, second issue pen-stroked UN REAL with exceptional horizontal strip of three plus single used on cover, three complete sheet of third issue 3c blue in different shades, also single and cover, 2c yellow-green: 3 covers and single, 2c yellow: complete sheet and one cover plus two singles, then good selection of various cancels on 3c violet, plus pair on cover, see also complete list enclosed detailing each and every item, full set of scans on the web, a great lot

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