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David Feldman S.A.

lot # 50761 - Great Britain collections

Thursday Jun 20, 2024 10:00 Europe/Zurich

1840-1935 collection housed on pages in 3 albums, predominantly used and whilst the condition is mixed, there is plenty of decent material. We note several 1d blacks, 1840 2d blue, 1841 2d blues including with blue pmk, 1d red imperfs including numbers in MC, a set of embossed, most of the perforated 1d and 2d issues plus 1d plates to 224 and 1/2d plates including pl 9. Most surface printed values are present with some fine cds and thick papers, the occasional inverted wmk etc. High values incl. decent examples of 5s pl.1 and 2, 10s Anchor wmk, £1 SG 185, £1 SG 212, 1883 high values etc. KEVII, arranged by printing, includes many fine cds examples and better such as SG 271, 275, both £1 greens and other high values, then ranges of GV with Seahorses etc.



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