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Friday Jun 11, 2021 09:00 Europe/Zurich
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1861: Entire letter from Filibe (Philippople / Plovdîv), struck on despatch with oily impression of "An janib-i posta Filibe" negative seal handstamp in greenish-blue (Coles & Walker fig. 16), also large piece of cover from Stara Zagara, struck on despatch with fine "An janib-i posta Zagra-i-Atik" negative seal handstamp in greenish-black (Coles & Walker fig. 91), another with fine "An janib-i posta Tirnova" negative seal handstamp in green (Coles & Walker fig. 77), and 1860 entire from Svishtov with 'Ujreti alinajaktir 270' due marking (C & W fig. 15) in blue of Stamboul.rn 

Katalog 265: EUROPA & ÜBERSEE


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