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Friday Jun 11, 2021 09:00 Europe/Zurich
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1854/1966c.: Collection of Turkish Maritime covers/cards (100+) and ephemera with 1854 cover from French P.O. in Smyrne to Tarsous, Mersina; 1860 entire with French Paquebot "SINAI" cds and another franked at 1 fr. with "SIMOIS" cds, 1860 prepaid front to Beirut with framed "COMPAGNIE RUSSE / SMYRNA" cachet in green, 1862 cover from Zakynthos to Constantinople, France 1863 40 c. on cover tied '5079' gros chiffres to Alexandrette to Marseille, 1867/74 Austria 10 s. tied "CANDIA" on cover to Smirna, 1874 repaired cover to England with ROPIT 3 k. green and Russia 16 kopek franking, 1880/81 Russian Money Letters to Odessa, 1890 cover with Turkey 1 pi. tied by "JAFFA" cds used to Malta, 1884 cover with 20 pa. from Metelino to Chios, cover with Turkey 20 pa. tied "AYVALIK" negative seal on cover to Chios, 1891 Receipt for payment with "Agence de Braila" Romania blue oval cachet for Steamer "Egee", 1892 Turkey 20 pa. stat. card from Ineboli and a cover, 1910c. card with Turkey 20 pa. tied by rare "CAMARAN" cds in blue (Yemen), card with France Pasteur tied by Turkish Paqubot bilingual handstamp carried on "Pierre Loti" with cachet, 1906 card from Austrian P.O. in Cesme, 1907 Turkey 20 pa. on cover from Maltepe to Lemnos with arrival, 1916 Navy School cover sent stampless from Stamboul to Germany with Censor, 1917 cover registered with three colour franking tied fine "Antigoni (Ile)" cds's, 1930 Khedevial Mail Line cover, receipts etc. incl. ROPIT examples, condition varies but much of interest.

Katalog 265: EUROPA & ÜBERSEE


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