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Thursday Jun 10, 2021 09:00 Europe/Zurich
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Hejaz & Nejd 1916/32: Collection 350+ stamps used/unused, written up carefully on sheets incl. Hejaz 1916 Ornaments, 1917 rouletted issue, postage due, 1921/22 ovpts on definitives and due, 1922 Hashemite Mecca set, also ovpt. 'Postage Due', 1925 King Hussein Proclamation of Caliph issue, King Ali Jeddah ovpts and 1925 (May) permanent type in a large variety. In addition Nejd ovpts on Ottoman definitives and fiscal stamps, Hejaz issues handstamped by the Nejdi authorities after occupation of Hejaz in 1925 as well as the Dec 1925 issues to commemorating the occupation of Medina the Illuminated and Jeddah on Railway Tax Stamps of Hejaz. Finally 1926 Hejaz & Nejd issues of postage stamps and due. 

Katalog 265: EUROPA & ÜBERSEE


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