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lot # 770 - übersee äthiopien

Thursday Jun 10, 2021 09:00 Europe/Zurich
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1886/1929: The collection on leaves (60 items) with Italian P.O. covers (2) each with Italy 20 c. orange, 1896 Loan agreement form with cachet of Dejazmah Beontif well struck in violet (rare), 1901 ½ g. stationery card used from Djibouti with Obock franking, 1902 1 gr. pair on combination cover to Mrs. Ilg in Zurich (cert.), 1902 combination franking with Obock, 1904 registered postcard with nine Somali Coast adhesives ex Djibouti, 1905 postcard with '5 c/m' in ½ g., 1905 quadruple weight registered combination cover to Austria (cert.). Condition varies but some fascinating early items noted, eight certificates.

Katalog 265: EUROPA & ÜBERSEE


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