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The 'Paquete' Post of St. Thomas - La Guaira - Puerto Cabello 1866 (Oct 8): Entire letter from Puerto Cabello to Bordeaux at single rate, endorsed "per RM Str." struck with superb circular "ST. THOMAS LA GUAYRA & Po. CABELLO STEAM PACKET" cachet in black (used in lieu of adhesive stamps during shortages), carried on the Robert Todd Steamer "Honfleur" to St. Thomas, thence on the RMSP "Shannon" to Southampton. London cds in red on reverse (Oct 29) and 'GB / 1F 60 c.' Accountancy marking in black applied. Charged '10' décimes due upon receipt (Oct 31). Illustrated in Edition D'Or 59 on page 156. Rare. Cert. Peter Holcombe (1989) Facit PP1 = 40'000 skr.rnProvenance: Collection Borromeo D'Adda.

Katalog 269: SÜDAMERIKA - Maritime Postgeschichte 1606-1886 - Die Sammlung Everaldo Santos


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