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1881/1930: Interesting Selection 700+ Crossed Kukris definitives used/unused with large shades and cancellation interest incl. 1881 European paper 2 a. purple imperf (2), 4 a perf, later 1886 issues on native paper such as 1 a. blue in marginal block of four with inscription on selvedge, large multiples, several tête-bêches, singles and multiples from the recut printings, also on European wove paper, pin-perforated examples, barred obliterator and telegraphic Crescent cancellations, multiples up to complete sheets of 64 examples with telegraphic cancellations, 1901 Retouched plate 1 a. blue imperf in vertical pair used, cert. Hellrigl, 1917 1 a. error of colour emerald-green instead of blue, a used marginal single and a tête-bêche pair, both with cert. Hellrigl, and 1917/30 new printings in changed colours with large multiples up to 56 examples showing blank positions. A strong lot which has to be studied carefully to be fully appreciated.
Catalogue 257: EUROPE & OVERSEAS


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