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1862/64: Collection with 3 pa. yellow handstruck in an oily unused block 6 pa. with handstruck strip of five unused with large margins but small tear in margin (signed A. Diena), 6 pa. machine printed with blocks showing "Stamp turned Sideways" varieties;  30 pa. blue used (18) and on covers/entire letters (7), with fine cancellation study with "Bucuresci" datestamps struck in red (2), fine example with large oval FRANCO / JASSY and another with the small oval handstamp, both in black; framed "Franco / Folticheni", "Franco / Piatra" (2), "Franco / Roman" lin black, single with oily strike of "PP" in red; covers (8) with single examples cancelled by "Bakeu" with cds's in black, "Fokschani" cds, "Braila" cds in blue with boxed 'Franco' adjacent and Bucharest usage to Tirgovistea (cert. Brun). Condition varies but some fine items present (61 items).
Catalogue 257: EUROPE & OVERSEAS


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